Air Duct Sealing, Repair, and Installation

An Air Duct Near Rafters.

Professional Repairs

Most air conditioning systems require air ducts to keep the air flowing through the home, but because the ductwork is hidden away, it’s rarely thought of when it comes to maintenance and repair. In fact, you may think that since it’s just air passing through the ducts there’s little to worry about. But, like any other system, air ducts can fail for any number of reasons, from leaks to blockages. When the air ducts fail, they’ll stop distributing air evenly through the home, and you may see your energy bills spike as your air conditioning system will require more energy to cool. If you think your system may be cooling less because of failing air ducts, we are the professionals to call for air duct sealing, repair, and installation in Ellenton, FL. To schedule services, give us a call at 941-704-9413.

How to Tell You Need Air Duct Repair

Common signs that may alert you that ductwork repair is needed include:

Decreased Energy Efficiency: If your air conditioner is cooling less but costing more to run, it’s possible your ducts have a leak, have been blocked, or are otherwise damaged. The leaks will need to be sealed. Blockages will need to be cleared. These, along with other repairs, are all jobs our talented technicians can perform when you call 941-704-9413 for service.

Temperature Control Uneven: When your air conditioning system is well maintained and in good repair, then the air should flow evenly and get evenly distributed throughout the house. If temperatures vary from room to room, your ductwork may be damaged. Air duct repair will be necessary and our team will need to be called out for duct sealing, repair, and installation in Ellenton, FL.

Strange Noises: Loud noises like banging or thumping indicates ducts are loose and repairs may be needed or a new system may need to be installed.

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