Central Air Conditioner Repair

An A/C Unit With A Temperature Gauge Attached.

Repair Professionals

In Florida, you may run your air conditioner periodically throughout the year. Once the summer months hit you’ll run it almost constantly, and will put a strain on it. If that strain becomes too much for your system, it could fail and your central air system will require repair. When you need central air conditioner repair in Ellenton, FL, you can rely on the repair professionals at Integrity AC LLC. We provide affordable repairs for a variety of leading name-brand systems. Give our team a call at 941-704-9413 for central air conditioner repair in Ellenton, FL.

Signs You Need Repair

With regular maintenance services, you can catch many signs that your system needs repair. Our skilled technicians are trained to look for any problems you may have with your system, and we can also replace any parts you may need for central A/C repair in Ellenton, FL. Here are some common issues we see that alert us to the need for repairs:

Weakened Airflow: If it seems the airflow throughout the home has diminished, your system is probably in need of repair. The lower air flow may be caused by a malfunctioning compressor or a faulty blower motor. Air ducts could also need repair.

Warm Air Flow: The last thing you want is to have warm air flowing from your air conditioner on a hot day. Any number of components, from the refrigerant to the condenser, could be causing the problem. No matter what is causing warm air to flow, our central air conditioner repair professionals will find the trouble and get it fixed fast.

System Not Shutting Off: If your central air system is not shutting off, you may have a problem with your thermostat. When your system is constantly running, it’s using more energy to cool and will be less energy efficient.

Call Today For Services

If you are having trouble with your central air conditioner, reach out to the repair professionals at Integrity AC LLC  for central air conditioner repair in Ellenton, FL. To schedule services, call us today at 941-704-9413.