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Although many people choose gas furnaces for heating, electric furnaces offer their own set of advantages. Electric furnaces have fewer safety concerns and ready availability of power sources, including solar power. New models are also more energy efficient.

If your electric furnace needs repair, you can trust the experienced professionals at Integrity AC LLC. We offer a comprehensive range of repair services and our technicians are skilled at replacing and installing electric furnaces. We are a leader for electric furnace repair and replacement in Ellenton, FL. Call us at  941-704-9413 today to find out more or to schedule services.

Common Issues

Whenever you choose Integrity AC LLC for electric furnace repair and replacement in Ellenton, FL, you’ll receive prompt, reliable service that will keep your system in peak performance throughout the winter. Our skilled technicians know how to diagnose and repair a variety of systems. They encounter common issues with electric furnaces that include finding the electric furnaces blowing cool air instead of warm air. In that case, the problem could be anything from a dirty filter to a broken thermostat or bad burners.

As with all HVAC systems, electric furnaces require all of their parts to work together. Any part that fails could cause the whole system to fail. If your system is blowing cool air, our technicians will be able to tell what part is broken or malfunctioning and repair it fast so you can get back to the comfort level you expect. Customer comfort is our priority.

Another common problem we discover is no heat. The system may not be turning on at all, which usually indicates bad wiring, overloaded circuits or a faulty or malfunctioning fan motor, or other electrical components. If your heater alternates between hot and cold air before stopping, the system may be overheating, so the safety switch is trying to cool the system. The problem may be as simple as a dirty filter. While a clean filter may fix the problem, if left alone and allowed to overheat too often, the heat exchanger can become damaged.

Other problems our technicians see when they perform electric furnace repair and replacement in Ellenton, FL include clogged blowers, which causes the system to cycle rapidly, as well as damaged ducts which can stop the heater from working altogether. One of the main ways to prevent many of these problems is to provide regular heating system maintenance. Among our services, we provide regular maintenance and recommend it yearly before any cold weather sets in.

Electric Furnace Replacement

When you regularly maintain your electric furnace, you can expect it to last 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced. If your furnace has aged or needs extensive repairs, electric furnace replacement in Ellenton, FL is a good option. Because replacing your electric furnace is a big investment, we work with you on financing and always maintain affordable prices. You can also trust our team for reliable and professional service. With our services, your systems will perform at an optimal level for years.

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