Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

An Integrity Technician Checks the Wiring in a Gas Furnace.

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If you’ve come home to a cold home in the winter and your gas furnace is blowing cold air or not working at home, then it’s time to call for expert repair from the repair professionals at Integrity AC LLC. We offer a comprehensive range of gas furnace repair and replacement services in Ellenton, FL. Your comfort is our concern when it comes to gas furnace repair. Give us a call at 941-704-9413 to schedule services today.

Common Gas Furnace Issues

When you choose Integrity AC LLC for gas furnace repair in Ellenton, FL, you can trust our skilled technicians for reliable services. They will make certain your gas furnace system is performing at peak levels and providing you the comfort you expect. Because all the components in a gas furnace work together, we know that if one component breaks down it can affect the operation of the whole system. When our technicians are in the field they discover gas furnaces experience some common issues.

Many common issues could be avoided with regular maintenance services and preventative care. When your system is regularly maintained, it cuts down on repairs. Our skilled technicians will be happy to come out and take a look at your system. We recommend an annual maintenance check-up, usually before winter. Our goal with maintenance and care is to ensure your gas furnace is working at an optimum level and when we provide gas furnace repair in Ellenton, FL we use top-quality parts from leading manufacturers.

A key element for maintenance is keeping your filters clean. When filters get dirty, they can cause many problems, including causing your gas furnace to blow cold air. Your gas furnace can also overheat when your filter is dirty. When the system overheats, your limit switch kicks on, which causes your heater to continually blow. The heater then alternates between warm and cold air, as the system tries to cool down. Constant overheating like this can damage the heat exchanger.

Malfunctioning thermostats are also source of problems when you need gas furnace repair in Ellenton, FL. A faulty thermostat can cause the heater to blow cold air or even cause it to shut down. As with electric furnaces, clogged blowers can cause your gas furnace to cycle rapidly. Pilot lights may also cause problems. They may go out or even become clogged and cause the heater to stop heating. If you’re not getting any heat, an electrical problem like an overloaded circuit or bad wiring may be the problem.

Gas Furnace Replacement

Gas furnaces have a high life expectancy, anywhere between 15 and 30 years. As gas furnaces age, they use more energy and become less energy efficient. They also begin to need more repairs. If your repairs are costing about half of what it would cost for a new system, we recommend a gas furnace replacement. When it comes to gas furnace replacement in Ellenton, FL, we are the dependable experts. Our technicians have experience working with a number of the latest systems.

An Integrity Technician Vacuums Debris From a Gas Furnace.

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